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Optimized WordPress/WooCommerce hosting

Ready to be deployed scalable web hosting stack, where online presence really matters.

Our WooCommerce and large WordPress sites solution

Wise solutions for Wise projects

Ready to be deployed hosting infrastructure

We have developed a highly optimized WordPress hosting environment that is ready to be deployed on your current infrastructure or on one of the top of quality cloud services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Scaleway and other.

Integration and Managment

Our team will be integrating the server stack necessary for scaling your WooCommerce shop or large WordPress site, like NGINX or LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers, MariaDB 10+/MySQL 8, Redis caching, ElasticSeach for faster and optimized searching, and other highly recommended tools in order to make your shop load very fast and gain new customers.

Cloud infrastructure management

Project management is a decisive factor for a rising business, we take everything into account while managing and implementing your services so that your project stays healthy while scaling rapidly. We can easily integrate in your current workflow so that you will be able to focus on what really matters to you.

Cloud Scale and Optimization

Our platform will help you scale and optimize your ecommece site in order to overpass your project limits and scale your way to success. We deploy by default a CDN solution with proper caching mechanism in order to make your site load fast from any corner of the world. Image optimization is a must have and delivered by default by our platform as your clients will try to load your shop from all sorts of devices and internet connections.

Ecommerce Security

Ecommerce is of the trendiest keyword on the market, with that the role of online business security is a lot more important then ever. Our tools provide you a better visibility on what is going on from a security point of view and help you mitigate riscs. We deploy pro-active firewalls and do automated security tests on a daily basis. You will be notified automatically once a file has been changed in order to spot intrusions. Your team can continue doing the plugin/theme updates or you can leave this task to Veziro, our highly skilled partners in WordPress maintenance.

Cloud Backup

Security is important, backups are crucial. No matter how small your project is, without proper backups you are risking your time, work and your customers. Our Backup.Plus technical solutions are helping you create the safety net your project needs. The backups can be automated to multiple external cloud solutions, like Amazon S3/Glacier, Wasabi, Backblaze, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other custom cloud services.

Optimized WordPress/WooCommerce hosting -
Optimized WordPress/WooCommerce hosting -
Optimized WordPress/WooCommerce hosting -



Wise Cloud's ready to be deployed platform helps you to overpass the stress of the technical aspects and manage more the future of your online business.

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