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Managed Cloud Consulting

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Our Specialities

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Cloud Start Consulting

We provide you with expertise into creating your online business on top of quality cloud services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean and other.

Integration and API Managment

Our team has successfully implemented and integrated many public and private APIs that required to be easy to use and to scale.

Cloud Management

Project management is a decisive factor for a rising business, we take everything into account while managing and implementing your services so that your project stays healthy while scaling rapidly.

Cloud Scale and Optimization

We can help you scale and optimize your cloud usage in order to overpass your project limits and scale your way to success.

Cloud Security

Cloud Hosting is of the trendiest keyword on the market, with that the role of online business security is a lot more important then ever. We provide you with services based on many years of experience in security consulting and implementation.

Cloud Backup

Security is important, backups are crucial. No matter how small your project is, without proper backups you are risking your time, work and your customers. Our Backup.Plus technical solutions are helping you create the safety net your project needs.

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Wise Cloud management helps you to overpass the stress of the technical aspects and manage more the future of your business.

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