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Infrastructure Pentesting Services

Information Security Penetration Testing for your infrastructure

What we offer

We are offering high quality Information Security Penetration Testing for infrastructure for all types of companies around the world.

Infrastructure Pentesting -


Infrastructure Penetration Testing

The digital infrastructure

How External and Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing Works

Your infrastructure is the backbone of the company regardless of the services which are provided to the clients. An insecure infrastructure model would result in inefficient use of allocated resources and would open the way for serious data breaches that could impact your business.

Infrastructure testing is executed by our security consultants with the purpose of testing your server and network environment with a special set of tools and procedures that simulate a real-world attack.

The external and internal infrastructure assessment is designed to fingerprint and assess your core application components that are used by your business and identify possible attack vectors. The use of highly technical security tools along with the use of public sources enables our security consultants to create complex social engineering attacks and test different attack vectors simulating a real-world hacker attack. Our penetration test is designed to identify internet exposed resources with the use of active and passive scans with the purpose of identifying attack surfaces, analyze the found vulnerabilities, document how the found vulnerabilities could be used to exploit your environment together with a set of remediation recommendations.

Active scans of the on-site infrastructure will often result in important security findings like vulnerable/unpatched operating systems, misconfigured servers, unsecured wireless access points doubled with the lack of security-conscious employees.

  • Infrastructure assessment includes but is not limited to:
    server infrastructure testing
  • LAN security assessment (switches, routers, Windows and Linux clients)
  • wireless security penetration testing
  • Cloud and virtualization testing
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Infrastructure Pentesting -


Customized Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability scanning and reporting

Improve your infrastructure security and preserve compliance policies by using specialized vulnerability scans. The reports will provide the required guidance for your network admin team in order to build reliable and secured infrastructure.

OSINT fingerprinting and Social Engineering simulations

How is your online presence? Sometimes there is open source information gathered from search engines, blogs and social media that could be used to instrument a social engineering attack.

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