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Mobile Application Pentesting Services

Information Security Penetration Testing for your mobile applications

What we offer

We are offering high quality Information Security Penetration Testing for web and mobile applications for all types of companies around the world.

Mobile Application Pentesting -


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The smartphone era

How Mobile Application Penetration Testing Works

Mobile applications are a must in all modern businesses as they provide the necessary functionality for day to day operations. Such applications open the doors used by attackers because they can provide easy access to unsecured internal infrastructure with a profound business impact.

Mobile App security testing, for Android and iOS, is performed using a special set of tools designed for manual and dynamic testing. Testing includes Reverse engineering and code analysis, runtime analysis, vulnerable libraries testing, network and server scanning, and overall functionality test. Packed in a small ecosystem some serious vulnerabilities can reside and can be exploited successfully if proper security testing is not performed.

Mobile Pentesting must not be overlooked by companies and is necessary to provide the all-round security hardening solution that protects your business.

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Mobile Application Pentesting -


Customized Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability scanning and reporting

Improve your application and infrastructure security and preserve compliance policies by using specialized vulnerability scans. The reports will provide the required guidance for your development team in order to build reliable and secured applications.

OSINT fingerprinting and Social Engineering simulations

How is your online presence? Sometimes there is open source information gathered from search engines, blogs and social media that could be used to instrument a social engineering attack.

Code review

Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes so you can reliably deliver at a more rapid pace while maintaining a positive experience for end users. Move quickly while retaining control and preserving compliance. You can adopt a secured coding model without sacrificing speed by using automated scans, code reviews, compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques.

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